And Atoll Biosphere Reserve

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And Atoll, Pohnpei State

And Atoll, Pohnpei State (Alex Zuccarelli © 2012)

On October 2007, CSP and partners received some of the most exciting news ever.  After countless hours of hard work, the partnership between the Nanpei Family, UNESCO Man and Biosphere (MAB) program, and Pohnpei State Government finally paid off.  And Atoll was finally nominated becoming the nation’s 2nd Biosphere Reserve following Utwe/Walung Biosphere Reserve in Kosrae.  And Atoll is one of the most significantly unique islands in Micronesia.   The reserve will contribute to the conservation of landscapes, ecosystems, species, and genetic diversity.  On a global scale, the oceanic islands of the FSM are home to some of the most biologically diverse coral reefs in the world.  Its proximity to the Indo-Malay region, and the vast distances between the islands favored high endemism and species diversity.  Unlike Pohnpei’s existing Marine Sanctuary System, And Atoll Biosphere will consist of three zones.  Core Zones, where strict protection measures will be applied to protect the key fish spawning and turtle and bird nesting areas; the Buffer Zones adjacent to the core zones to regulate fishing activities, and encourage non-damaging activities such as recreational diving, snorkeling, etc; and the transition zones to allow for better management of the fish stocks.  CSP and partners are proud to be partnering with the Nanpei Family and are keen to work alongside UNESCO-MAB program on this newfound initiative.