Invasive Species Erradication

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Invasive Species Control

Over the past few years, CSP has worked with the Pohnpei State Invasive Species Task Force on a number of projects to raise awareness about the most invasive plant species in Pohnpei State.  We are presently working to eradicate False Sakau (Piper arithrium), which was introduced from Hawaii, and are developing an emergency plan to stop the Guam Brown Tree Snake from establishing itself on Pohnpei. We hope that through this work we will strengthen our working partnerships with other local organizations and transfer knowledge and technical skills, while also raising awareness about invasive species, and building eradication and control skills amongst involved individuals.

CSP has also been busy with weed eradication on Pohnpei, targeting extremely harmful species such as False Sakau (Piper arithrium), Ivy Gourd (Coccinia grandis), Chain of Love (Antigonon leptopus), and Mile-a-Minute (Mikania micrantha). In 2005, more than 900 False Sakau plants were identified and eradicated through spraying. The following year, 28 plants were found and sprayed. In 2007, only 10 plants were found. CSP maintains its goal of completely eradicating False Sakau and other target species by the end of 2008.