10th Locally Managed Marine Areas Network Cross-site Visit

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10th Annual Cross-site Visit

On November 14-16, the Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMA) network of Pohnpei also known as Pohnpei Marine Protected Areas Network conducted its annual learning exchange workshop. Over the past 10 years, the LMMA sites of Pohnpei unite for an annual learning exchange through what is called the Cross-site Visit. This year marked a milestone for this unique network as it celebrated its 10th anniversary. Community members from the locally managed Marine Protected Areas (MPA) of Pohnpei gathered at the Nahs en Koro in the village of Enipein Powe for three days to share the lessons learned from their respective locally managed sites. Community conservation officers from each of the LMMA sites shared what they accomplished in their 2012 action plans. Representatives from each LMMA site also worked on action plans for the upcoming year.

Presentations from various agencies such as the Office of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Division of Fish and Wildlife, and Pohnpei Watershed Steering Committee were given for the group. Several key players, such as the state and local government leaders were present at the workshop. This year’s Cross-site Visit ended with several keynote addresses by key environmental champions from not only Pohnpei but from the Micronesian region as well. Representatives from One Reef Micronesia, an organization that works closely with community-based resource management organizations throughout Micronesia, attended the cross-site visit. The Governor of Hatohobei State in the Republic of Palau was also present to share his resource management championing experiences. The workshop ended with the signing of a Standard Operations Procedure for several Global Positioning System units given to each of the community-led Marine Protected Areas of Pohnpei.

With the action plans created at this year’s cross-site visit, the Conservation Society of Pohnpei (CSP) will continue to work closely with these communities by assisting in the capacity building of our community conservation officers. Over the years, CSP have built strong partnership with communities throughout Pohnpei who share the same goals and objectives in resource management. CSP would like to acknowledge the support of our donors and various local businesses that supported the 10th anniversary of our annual cross-site visit activities.