Marine Protected Area Network

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Pohnpei's Coral Reefs

Pohnpei’s Coral Reefs

There are eleven Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that have been designated by law. CSP currently works in close collaboration with seven of these areas: Nahtik Marine Sanctuary and Kehpara Marine Sanctuary in Kitti, Dehpehk Marine Sanctuary and Mwahnd (Dekehos) Marine Sanctuary in U, Sapwtik Marine Sanctuary in Nett, and Namwen Na Stingray Sanctuary and Namwen Nahnningi Stingray Sanctuary in Madolenihmw.  The goal is to establish a collaborative MPA management network.  This entails the building of community support for the MPAs, the education of citizens to improve their compliance, and the development of the capacity of conservation enforcement officers to impose the established rules and regulations.

Marine Protected Areas (MPA) - 2011

Marine Protected Areas (MPA)

CSP along with the help of the community Youth Conservation Corps and the Pohnpei State Office of Marine Conservation demarcated the MPA’s with boundary markers, no-take signs and mooring buoys, which are now maintained.  CSP works with the government and community partners to develop and strengthen the network of the local marine protected areas. The main goal of the local network is to increase compliance and/or enforcement in the MPAs by involving and building the management capacity of the state conservation officers, municipal police and community leaders/conservation officers. This network will provide a forum where conservation managers can share and learn from each other, as well as from other MPA networks in the Asia-Pacific region, and work collaboratively to gain support from traditional and government leaders. This will include funding to support MPA management, on and off-island trainings and learning exchanges, and allocation of necessary equipment and supplies to managers/enforcement officers.

Dehpehk Marine Sanctuary

Dehpehk Marine Sanctuary is a 2.12 km2 (212 hectare) area encompassing the eastern and northern coasts of Dehpehk Island and adjacent fringing reefs.

Enipein Mangrove Reserve

Enipein Mangrove Reserve is a 9.55 km2 (955 hectare) area of mangrove forest located in Enipein, Kitti.

Kehpara Marine Sanctuary

Kehpara Marine Sanctuary is a 1.89 km2 (189 hectare) area encompassing three barrier reef islands (including Kehpara Island) and large sections of the barrier reef both north, south, and east of the islands.

Mwahnd (Dekehos) Marine Sanctuary

Dekehos Marine Sanctuary is a 4.60 km2 (460 hectare) area encompassing Mwahnd Passage and portions of the barrier reef north of the pass and to the south as far as the fringing reef of Mwahnd Peidak Island.

Nahtik Marine Sanctuary

Nahtik Marine Sanctuary is a 0.75 km2 (75 hectare) area encompassing Nahtik Island and all fringing reefs.

Namwen Na Stingray Sanctuary

Namwen Na Stingray Sanctuary is a 0.71 km2 (71 hectare) area encompassing both shallow reef and deep water areas located north of Na Island and south of Nahpali Island.

Namwen Nahnningi Stingray Sanctuary

Namwen Nahnningi Stingray Sanctuary is a 0.34 km2 (34 hectare) area encompassing four large reef pools and the adjacent reefs northwest of Nahnningi Island.

Nanwap Marine Sanctuary

Nanwap Marine Sanctuary is a 3.05 km2 (305 hectare) section of the barrier reef and adjacent lagoon areas north of the Madolenihmw Bay passage.

Pwudoi Mangrove Reserve

Pwudoi Mangrove Reserve is a 1.39 km2 (139 hectare) area encompassing large sections of mangrove forest in Pwudoi, Kitti, as well as adjacent fringing reefs and portions of the lagoon.

Sapwtik Marine Sanctuary

Sapwtik Marine Sanctuary is a 0.8275 km2 (82.75 hectare) area encompassing Sapwtik Island, portions of its fringing reef, and sections of the lagoon southwest and northeast of the island.

Senipehn Mangrove Reserve

Senipehn Mangrove Reserve is a 1.30 km2 (130 hectare) area of mangrove forest in Senipehn, Madolenihmw.