Payment for Ecosystem Services

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Payment for Ecosystem service surveyFollowing the previous article based on the feasibility study for Payment for Ecosystem Services, the Conservation Society of Pohnpei in partnership with the Nett District government and Pohnpei Utilities Corporation were successfully able to complete the targeted number of surveys set forth as the goal in achieving the 95% confidence base line. With these given survey preferences, the surveyors was able to visit the communities in Nanpil, Kahmar, Eirike and Meitik households to conduct the survey questions for Willingness to accept concept. In line with this concept, the offices were able to conduct the Willingness to pay concept randomly around the island focusing households that depending on Pohnpei Utilities Corporation as their main water sources. Up to date all the collected data were analyzed and awaiting the consultancy’s Mr. Kastle summary report based on the feedbacks of the survey.

CSP would also like to extend huge appreciations to the two short term contractors, Mr. Katchuisto Paul and Mr. Ryan Ladore for their outstanding participation in carrying out the surveys within the communities, moreover appreciations to these College of Micronesia, Pohnpei Campus, internship students, Douglas Santos and Jasmin Sultan, for their participation in carrying out the surveys around the island.