CSP Staff Members

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Eugene Joseph

Executive Director | cspdirector@serehd.org

Judy Olter David

Administration and Finacne Manager | cspfinance@serehd.org

Policy and Government Program

Mary-Linda Salvador

Policy and Government Relations Manager | csppolicy@serehd.org

Marine Program

Kesdy-Ray Ladore

Marine Program Manager | cspmarine@serehd.org

Douglas Kusto

MPA Network Coordinator | mpanetwork@serehd.org

Selino Maxin

Marine Program Assistant | marineassistant@serehd.org

Kirino Olpet

Marine Boat Technician

Terrestrial Program

Francisca Sohl Obispo

Terrestrial Program Manager | cspterrestrial@serehd.org

Bejay Obispo

Invasive Program Officer | cspinvasives@serehd.org

Education and Awareness Program

Iakop Ioanis

Environmental Educator | cspawareness@serehd.org

Angel Jonathan

Environmental Educator | cspeducation@serehd.org

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