Updated MC Progress Report

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Celebrating Seven Years of Progress

Launched in 2006, the Micronesia Challenge (MC) calls for the effective management of the natural resources
on which all Micronesians depend for a healthy future, to protect our unique island cultures, and
sustain livelihoods. In the past seven years, we have made substantial progress including the establishment
or strengthening of more than150 protected areas covering over 680,000 hectares, leveraging over $20 million
in operational funds, including an endowment that currently stands at over $13 million, identified and
are monitoring key regional measures of success, and mentored over twenty Young Champions.
The Micronesia Challenge spans 2.5 million square miles of ocean, an area nearly the size of the continental U.S. that supports the livelihoods of
650,000 people and protects: 66 threatened species on the IUCN Red List 480+ coral species 1,300+ reef fish species 85 birds species 1,400 plant species.

Leveraging the Challenge
The Micronesia Challenge has served to leverage several regional opportunities including:

  • The world’s first Regional Shark Sanctuary
  • A Micronesia Biosecurity Plan to address the risk of spread of invasive species
  • Young Champions Internship Program
  •  German Lifeweb Support for community-based climate adaptation and resilience
  • Multi-year NOAA Partnership Agreements for coral reef conservation
  • RARE Pride Social Marketing Campaigns to create local support and participation for the MC
  • Community climate adaptation toolkit and regional trainings.

Highlights from around the Region

The Pohnpei Micronesia Challenge Communication Plan Team participated in a wide range of island-wide events in 2013 hosting activities that promoted the Micronesia Chal- lenge and raised awareness on projects conducted by the Conservation Society of Pohnpei and their partners (Jan-Sept 2013).

  •  In the CNMI, MC Young Champions presented on the Chal- lenge to 1,500 elementary school students during the Envi- ronmental Expo (April 2013).
  •  Kosrae conservation officers underwent enforcement train- ing to improve their field skills and learn more about legal aspects of enforcement of conservation laws, conducted by a team of trainers from Guam, sponsored by the Pacific Is- lands Managed and Protected Areas community (May 2013).
  • Yap Community Action Program and the Yap Marine Re- sources & Management Division collaborated for the first time to recruit and train community representatives to partic- ipate in the State Coral Reef Monitoring Program (July- August 2013).

Twenty-nine community conservation officers, representing 17 atolls, completed the Resource Management Summer Training Course at the College of the Marshall Islands, The course, held in collaboration with the Marshall Islands Con- servation Society, covered effective resource management, protected areas enforcement, community engagement, and disaster risk management (August 2013).

  •  Guam resource agencies and organizations are developing a partnership with the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association (GHRA) to support the local Tana Måolek Mona Micronesia Challenge Marketing Campaign (September 2013).
  • The Palau Protected Areas Network (PAN) in collaboration with the Palau Conservation Society will be conducting a sec- ond round of trainings on reporting and adaptive manage- ment for site managers and coordinators implementing activi- ties in the 13 PAN member states (September 2013).