Water for Life Alliance-Building

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The next time you take a drink of water be thankful for this precious gift of life. Our remaining watershed forest reserves are under increasing threat from deforestation, land use conversions, and invasive weeds. We are the cause, but we are also a key part of the solution. Become part of the solution: stop forest destruction to protect our water source.

On November 24-25, 2011, CSP in partnership with the Division of Forestry and Pohnpei State Government, successfully facilitated the 2nd Pohnpei Watershed Learning Exchange Summit. The summit addressed issues relating to water pollution from animal and human waste, unsustainable upland forest conversions for agriculture, and invasive threats facing our upland forests and also provided a clear framework for future planning strategies. The event involved a team of community leaders from Madolenihmw, U, and Nett, known as the Community Conservation Officers (CCOs). Prominent people from both the governmental and traditional arenas were present, including His Excellency Salvador Iriarte, Iso Nahnken of Nett; Pohnpei State Lt. Governor, Mr. Churchill Edward; the Chiefs of Public Land and Agriculture for Pohnpei State; the Chief Minister of U, and the Pohnpei State Division of Fish and Wildlife.

During the workshop, CCOs/Forest Rangers gave presentations on their watershed activities, detailed their accomplishments, and made recognition of the issues that continue to impact Pohnpei’s rich biodiversity. The municipalities and their CCOs developed their work plans for 2012 and set timeframes for implementation. A watershed steering committee was created to serve in the future as a liaison and steering body between the local government, state government, and the communities. The summit concluded by establishing a comprehensive road map to guide the CCO/Forest Rangers in watershed management throughout the year.