Youth Environmental Ambassador’s Club

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Youth Environmental Ambassador's Club, Pohnpei

CSP Youth Summer Camp, Pohnpei

The 2004-05 school year the education program implemented  an Environmental Club for grades 9-12 from three local schools. The club meets twice a month, and takes part in workshops, lectures and a number of different activities, like town clean-ups. The Environmental Club is intended to present Pohnpei specific and global environmental information to interested students by participating in hands-on activities which are relevant to conservation efforts. The club also hopes to promote science, math, and environmental careers and support the students in becoming peer and community educators for their environment and ‘owners’ of their natural heritage.

In its second year the club hoped to expand its membership and its scope of activities in the communities.  Activities included participation in CSP’s RARE flagship species campaign, radio program production, video making, mural painting, community outreach and environmental songs. The club also held its first summer camp on the islands of Lenger and Kehpara last summer. 2005’s summer marine environmental camp gave the students the opportunity to participate in coral identification, fish monitoring, GPS techniques and Marine Protected Areas  exploration. These activities were complimented by a number of presentations by local experts on relevant marine conservation issues.  The camp will be a yearly event, alternating between marine and terrestrial themes. In 2007 CSP held its first terrestrial summer camp. Students learned about the Watershed Forest Reserve, Ethnobotany, Forestry, bird surveys and got to hike Nahnalaud, the highest mountain in Pohnpei.