Youth Environmental Ambassadors (YEA) Club

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On the 7th of August 2013 through the 9th of August 2013, the Youth Environmental Ambassadors Club completed the school year with their annual summer camp. The members of YEA club consisted of high school students from Madolenihmw High School and Nanpei Memorial High School. Since 2005 the focus of each summer camp has alternated between a terrestrial or marine focus. This years’ summer camp was held at Pahn Takai, U, which is a Terrestrial Base, with a total of 32 students attending from the two high schools. The site was a perfect place for the students to learn about the importance of the upland forest resources that our beautiful island of Pohnpei has to offer and at the same time they can learn about how the depletion of our natural forest resources are in dire need of help from all.
The students are all members of Youth Environmental Ambassadors Club (YEA), which began at PICS high school in 2005, Calvary Christian Academy (CCA) and the Seventh Day of Adventist (SDA) high School and has since grown to include Madolenihmw and Nanpei schools. Each club has student officers, memberships and faculty advisors, and meets regularly to address local environmental issues. Club members have organized activities such as roadside and campus cleanups, community outreach, and more. Members are dedicated to spread their knowledge to all the environmental challenges facing Pohnpei through peer and community outreach.
The Society’s Terrestrial and Education programs staff led the students through three full days of interactive sessions. The students learned about the challenges happening in Pohnpei’sforests, mangrove areas, also included was some presentations from our partner agencies, such as Forestry, as well as a presentation from the Department of Fish and Wildlife, presentation from Island Food Community of Pohnpei (IFCP), demonstrations from the office of Natural Resource and Conservation Service (NRCS),plus a demonstration on mapping from the office of International Organization of Migration (IOM), also a presentation on water quality from the office for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and lastly but not the least, a presentation from RARE, introducing their project in Nan Wap community.The students even had presentations from staff members of the terrestrial program from our office. The main objective of the summer camp was to allow the students hear from CSP staff members and partner agencies about what their main objectives are when it comes to preserving our natural resources.The YEA Club successfully ended their annual missions this summer by convening at Pahn Takai to share their 2013 outcomes as well as sharing their lessons learned and achievements throughout the school year, develop 2013-2014 work plans, and had fun
CSP would like to show their deepest gratitude for all those who helped support us in this year’s summer camp activities. Palm Terrace, Hide Out, Isamu Nakasone Store (INS), Pohnpei Service Station, Eugene Joseph, Tino Donre, Wisney Nakayama, and Andy S. George. Thank you all for your generous donations and strong support.